Sunday, March 10, 2013


We still can't believe it.  Richard was so vibrant, so full of life and vision.  How does that just end-- in a moment?  Here, and then...not here.

We first met Richard and Katherine in South Dakota in 1998.  I remember it so clearly- seeing Richard in his regalia, with his wife by his side.  I instantly respected him.  He held his head high- not proudly but confidently.  He walked with honour.

The last time we saw him was in Oklahoma in 2010.  It was at the Sing To The Mountains Music Festival and Richard spoke.  I remember thoroughly enjoying his talk and telling him so afterward.  It had been a long time since I had heard him speak and it was so good to listen to his words of truth and clarity.  And his jokes too....there were ALWAYS jokes.

Kris and Richard and Katherine took great joy in teasing and pranking each other.  Many times Kris and I would giggle over the jabs back and forth between him and The Twisses, all in good fun and with a mutual love for each other.  Here is one of my favourites- Kris' 'enhanced' photo of Richard.

Whenever I saw Richard he was smiling.  I honestly do not remember him ever not smiling!  It was a sincere smile.  It said to me- "I am content.  I am thankful".

We are thankful to have known you Richard, and to have enjoyed the warmth of your smile and the wisdom of your words.

We miss you. 

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