Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Please Talk to Strangers--- They might be a friend of mine...

Last night I had to run into the Superstore to grab a few things. I noticed that a lady next to me in the aisle was speaking french to her husband, so of course, I asked her about tourtiere. We had a lovely discussion about how it should and should NOT be made (she uses regular ground beef and pork and would NEVER use veal). As we parted ways she said to me that she would think of me on Christmas when she ate her tourtiere with her family, and I promised that I would do the same. 
When I got home, I saw the obituary of someone I knew. 

She was a young mother that I got to know during her pregnancies. 

She was lovely. 

I have no idea how she died, but I do know that she left 2 small children. 

She lived in my neighbourhood. 

I would see her now and then and wave.

What a tragedy. 

To me, those moments of chatting with a stranger in the grocery store, or a new mom in the clinic are what make life beautiful. 
Life is precious and sometimes too short. 
Don't be that cranky shopper. 
Talk to strangers. 
You may make their day, and they may make yours. 
That stranger could be my sister, my friend, someone I love.
That stranger may need a kind word to keep them going...
 --Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.-- Plato