Monday, November 7, 2011


Kris' new single, "When The Colours Fade" is now available on itunes!
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"When The Colours Fade" by Waking The Sound on itunes

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October 18th

Today is the day that my family and I were supposed to be arriving in Oxnard, California.  Right about now, we'd be eating supper and looking out over the ocean from our waterfront campsite, probably watching surfers and talking about all of our adventures-- seeing The Grand Canyon, meeting all kinds of wonderful people...  But alas, I write this from my home, in my hometown, while my children sleep in their cozy and familiar beds.

WHAT happened?  HOW did this happen?  And WHAT NEXT???

There are a lot of reasons why we are still here.  We did all of the work- we purged, cleaned, painted...worked.  We put the house up for sale...and sold it!  Or so we thought.  Days before closing the sale fell through.

I had already quit my job that I loved.  We had turned down other offers.  I had researched homeschooling and bought curriculum.   We had our RV picked out and ready to be picked up as soon as the sale was final.  We had already given away our snow shovel !! :)  We were confused!

But then I got a phone call offering me a GREAT job- I didn't even get a day off between jobs!  And other things happened---we started to accept that we needed to be here- we needed to stay home...for now at least.  It has been an odd transition, surreal.  But we are very happy and very thankful.  Kris will have time to work on his second CD, the boys are happy to be in school with their friends, and I am learning to 'go with the flow'...and Nathan- he just wants to party :)

A friend shared this blog with me right when we needed to hear it.  Needless to say, I can relate! 

What happens when your story changes?

So here we are in Thunder Bay for another winter.  We hope to make it warmer by sharing more time with friends :) ... now where's that bin with the snow pants....

I will now leave you with a random picture of my boys being silly...

...'cause that's what it's all about...


Friday, July 29, 2011

living differently

the other day my son decided that he doesn't want an ipod touch .

he's been saving up for one for some time .
we were having a conversation about needs vs. wants and he had a revelation .  he doesn't need an ipod, he wanted one but doesn't need it .  --there's nothing wrong with wanting and/or needing an ipod- it's just not for him .
then he said, "mom, i think that when i'm a man, i'm going to live differently ."  i asked him what he meant .  he explained that he doesn't want to want what everyone else has just because everyone else has it .  

he wants to live differently . 


to hear my son say that felt so good!

we have always tried to live simply and tried to not become too attached to our 'things' .   it's a good thing too!  as we pack up our home i am amazed at how much stuff we have accumulated over the past 13 years in this house . 

this upcoming year we will focus on the simple pleasures- delicious food (of course), the beauty of nature, meeting new friends and being surrounded by our family . 

i want to live differently too . 

watch this video of one family living within their means- it's amazing!!!!

p.s.  we are actively looking for the right motorhome for our family .  please message me if you know of one for sale .  we will need lots of storage space and beds for everyone (that's 5) .

oh yes, and one more thing- kris will be playing at ruby moon july 30.  if you live in thunder bay it would be so nice to see you before we go

Sunday, May 29, 2011

the bucket list

do you have a bucket list things you want to do before you "kick the bucket"?
i do.  i'm working on it.

john lennon said, "life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans" 

what's the point of having a list if you're not working on it.  that's just depressing.
my list has a variety of things on it, some are free, simple.  some would cost thousands to accomplish.  but i'll do them ALL- i'm determined to.

some things i have crossed of my list -
ran a 1/2 marathon

built something out of wood with my dad

i have some ongoing goals- be a good mom, learn to cook, learn to pick a good red wine, make a deadly cinnamon bun (anyone have a great recipe?  i had a cinnamon bun in st.jacob's that has ruined me- it melted in my mouth- it was the size of my head- i ate the whole thing.  i need that mennonite girl's recipe! and her arms for kneading).

traveling with our family in a motor home has been something that kris and i have talked about for years and we've been working towards it for years. one baseboard, one piece of trim, one little stinkin' detail at a time...

what's on your list?
start one of them. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

the timeline...

sometimes we have ideas about how things will go...and they don't.  many times i have set 'deadlines' only to see them quietly pass.  i NEVER thought i would have more children after 30- that's so old then came little nathan when i was 35, right at the perfect time.  when kris and i got married at 21 and 22 we thought that 'for sure' we would be living in a cottage on a lake or in the rainforest of costa rica by now.  but here we are, in the house we bought 14 years ago, in the city we were born in- 3 kids, soccer, basketball, karate, working 4 days a week, dishes, years pass.  and now, finally, after saving our pennies, renting movies instead of going to the theatre, spending time at home with our family instead of taking trips, 'making do' and waiting for the 'right' time...

it's time to go.

there are some things that you have to make happen- work you have to put in, decisions you must make, sacrifices.  but you can't make the right time happen, it just does.  and when it does, respond.  no matter what.  trust yourself, trust the time, trust that God knows, even when you're overwhelmed and confused.

don't wait because the time can pass.  today i am 38 years old.

i don't want to miss it.

"Ya know Mom, we only live once. Millions of people have lived and died and we have no idea who they were. We might as well do something meaningful with our short life."~ Josiah DeLorenzi, 11 years old

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

digging deeper just to GIVE it away...

it feels good to give stuff away.  as we prepare to sell our house and hit the road, we have started to get rid of 'stuff'.  all this 'stuff' that we 'needed' and now all of a sudden can easily live without.  i assume as we get closer to moving, it will get harder, but right now- i could easily give it all away.  we actually 'need' very little. there are some things i am attached to and will pack away, but surprisingly very few.  i thought we would box it all up and have a huge yard sale in the summer.  but i can't.  i have to give it away.  that feels great.