Friday, July 29, 2011

living differently

the other day my son decided that he doesn't want an ipod touch .

he's been saving up for one for some time .
we were having a conversation about needs vs. wants and he had a revelation .  he doesn't need an ipod, he wanted one but doesn't need it .  --there's nothing wrong with wanting and/or needing an ipod- it's just not for him .
then he said, "mom, i think that when i'm a man, i'm going to live differently ."  i asked him what he meant .  he explained that he doesn't want to want what everyone else has just because everyone else has it .  

he wants to live differently . 


to hear my son say that felt so good!

we have always tried to live simply and tried to not become too attached to our 'things' .   it's a good thing too!  as we pack up our home i am amazed at how much stuff we have accumulated over the past 13 years in this house . 

this upcoming year we will focus on the simple pleasures- delicious food (of course), the beauty of nature, meeting new friends and being surrounded by our family . 

i want to live differently too . 

watch this video of one family living within their means- it's amazing!!!!

p.s.  we are actively looking for the right motorhome for our family .  please message me if you know of one for sale .  we will need lots of storage space and beds for everyone (that's 5) .

oh yes, and one more thing- kris will be playing at ruby moon july 30.  if you live in thunder bay it would be so nice to see you before we go