Sunday, May 8, 2011

the timeline...

sometimes we have ideas about how things will go...and they don't.  many times i have set 'deadlines' only to see them quietly pass.  i NEVER thought i would have more children after 30- that's so old then came little nathan when i was 35, right at the perfect time.  when kris and i got married at 21 and 22 we thought that 'for sure' we would be living in a cottage on a lake or in the rainforest of costa rica by now.  but here we are, in the house we bought 14 years ago, in the city we were born in- 3 kids, soccer, basketball, karate, working 4 days a week, dishes, years pass.  and now, finally, after saving our pennies, renting movies instead of going to the theatre, spending time at home with our family instead of taking trips, 'making do' and waiting for the 'right' time...

it's time to go.

there are some things that you have to make happen- work you have to put in, decisions you must make, sacrifices.  but you can't make the right time happen, it just does.  and when it does, respond.  no matter what.  trust yourself, trust the time, trust that God knows, even when you're overwhelmed and confused.

don't wait because the time can pass.  today i am 38 years old.

i don't want to miss it.

"Ya know Mom, we only live once. Millions of people have lived and died and we have no idea who they were. We might as well do something meaningful with our short life."~ Josiah DeLorenzi, 11 years old